Video of a Trip to Mars

Let’s have a little fun today with an animated trip to Mars. This video shows… in amazingly realistic detail… the journey of the Mars Exploration Rover mission in 2003. The two Rovers… Spirit and Opportunity… were supposed to operate for just 90 Martian days during their mission to look for signs of water and life-friendly geological processes. But they’re both still going strong.

Spirit is no longer roving, but is still transmitting data as a stationary platform.

Opportunity just arrived at Concepcion crater, after visiting Erebus and Victoria craters during its long and eventful mission.

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Here’s the video:

How’d you like to go on this ride?

For more details on this impressive NASA mission to Mars, check out the mission homepage right here.

And remember… Mars remains well-placed for viewing this week.  It’s shining red and bright in the constellation Cancer, and offers a number of surface details for inspection by sharp-eyed observers with a telescope.