A Few Images of the Transit of Venus

I had the good fortune to see the Transit of Venus this week, and I was surprised at the drama and beauty of the slow-moving black dot silhouetted against the face of the Sun. Perhaps it was the long anticipation, or the historical significance, or the sense that hundreds of thousands were watching the same event all over the world at the same time. But it was a memorable event.

Here are a few images of the transit this week (click on each image to enlarge…)

Passing clouds give the Sun a wrinkled look. Taken from Queensland, Australia (credit: T. Gibson)


The transit through a Celestron CGEM 800 and a white-light filter (credit: R. Whittall)

The old-fashioned approach, projecting the Sun’s image with a small telescope onto a white screen. From Ottawa, Canada (credit: P. Finnie)

A close-up of the transit as seen through a telescope from near Thrissur, India (credit: A. Radhakrishnan)

A quick and dirty shot with a 200 mm lens and a DSLR at f5.6, 1/2000s exposure, from near Morrisburg, Ontario (credit: One-Minute Astronomer)

And this one beats them all… a video compilation from NASA with images from their solar-monitoring satellites…