Crash Course in Basic Night Sky Observing

If you’re new to astronomy, start out the right way with our free 5-day “crash course” in basic stargazing.

This short guide takes you through the basics of what you can see in the sky, how the sky moves from day to day, short tours of the stars and constellations in all four seasons in both the northern and southern hemispheres, and ways to better see the sky with your unaided eye or a simple telescope or pair of binoculars.

You can access all 5 days of the course at the following links:

Day 1: What you can see up there
Day 2: How the sky moves
Day 3: How to read a star chart, and mini-tours of the sky
Day 4: Binoculars and telescopes
Day 5: How to see faint celestial objects; what to do next…

I invite you to take a little time over the next week to read through these pages and begin to find your way around the sky.

There’s a lot of information here, so don’t try to read it all at once.  These pages will stay up on our site for you to enjoy.  Bookmark them, and come back again and again at your leisure.