Star Charts

Here you’ll find a live interactive map of the night sky to help you find the bright stars, planets, and constellations.  These images also help you follow the tours of The Sky This Month.

This sky map is set for the latitude and longitude of Ottawa, Canada, the home base of One-Minute Astronomer.  But you can set the map for your own time and location, whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere.  Just click on the Date and Location at the upper left of the map to set it for your time and location.

(Note: Javascript must be enabled in your browser to see this map).

You can also learn how to find your way around the stars and major constellations with these Stargazer University courses.  Once you follow the tours in these courses, not one person in a thousand will know more about the night sky than you:

“Stargazing for Beginners: A Binocular Tour of the Night Sky” (for the northern hemisphere), and

“Stargazing for Beginners: A Binocular Tour of the Southern Night Sky” (for the southern hemisphere)