How To Take A Simple Astro-Photo

This short course is based on an exclusive interview with expert astrophotographer Jerry Lodriguss, in which he shares with you the basics of taking a simple but quite lovely photo of the night sky with a digital camera. No telescope required.

Jerry’s a world-renowned astrophotographer and a former professional sport photographer who was 3 times nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. His astrophotos have been published in Sky and Telescope and NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, and he’s published three books about astrophotography including the more in-depth Stargazer University course called The Beginner’s Guide to DSLR Astrophotography.

In this interview, Jerry tells you how to …

  • Choose the right camera and equipment for taking a good astrophoto
  • Select a skyscape appropriate for a simple digital astrophoto
  • Choose the right camera settings, including aperture, focal length, and exposure time
  • Focus your digital camera on a dark sky… perhaps the trickiest aspect of taking an astrophoto
  • Enhance your image of the night sky with free processing software

The interview runs about 20 minutes, and you can listen to it and download it at the link below…
Once you listen to this interview, you’ll be able to capture your own images of the night sky… such as Orion rising over the trees above the eastern horizon, or Taurus and the Pleiades high in the dark winter sky.

Click here to download “Taking a Simple Astrophoto” (5.1 MB)