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A Fun and Easy Way To Learn More About Astronomy and the Night Sky

If you want to learn more about astronomy, telescopes, and the stars in the night sky, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve been a star gazer for some time, this website will help build your enjoyment and appreciation of the constellations and night sky in the northern and southern hemispheres.  Even if you have just a few minutes a week.  Even if you haven’t taken a science course since high school.

You’ll find no long, dense pages filled with facts and equations here.  Just short, easy-to-read bits of insight and advice– delivered directly to you by email– to help you find your way around the stars and constellations, select and use a telescope or pair of binoculars, and understand a little of the science behind some the most beautiful sights in nature.


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Read what a few of our more than 20,000 subscribers say…

“I must say you offer a wonderful service to us mere mortals starting out on astronomy.  I’ve been teaching basic astronomy for years but now I am actually learning new techniques and information, for my own benefit.  Thanks for your help.” -B.F., New Zealand

“So much of what I receive is intriguing, informative, and downright beautiful.  Someone is working hard to put this together and wanted to let you know it is greatly appreciated.” – P.J.C., Ontario, Canada

“Thank you for publishing this interesting information!  You add excitement and wonder to my life.” – S.G., Iowa, U.S.A.

“You have brought the night sky much closer, and for this, I thank you.” -G.N., Ireland

“I look forward to every issue”. -T.H., South Africa

“Although a passionate amateur since 25 years, I enjoy the “cut-through-the-red-tape” style of the OMA, and there is always something more to learn. -B.W., United Kingdom

“Thank you for this great website. I have looked for a place to go when I needed answers to what I see in the sky and it was always a hassle finding them. I don’t have that problem anymore since I’ve subscribed and now receive the “One Minute Astronomer” newsletter. It answers all my questions simply, and even gives me a heads up of things to look for that I wouldn’t normally even notice….And it’s so easy!”. -Ray H., Oregon, U.S.A.


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